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The Boy Behind LXNDR Street

LXNDR Street is a lifestyle blog about streetwear, interior design, men’s grooming and the life in Vienna established by Alexander Jud, currently based in Vienna, Austria.

I am 18 years old and recently moved to Vienna, Austria to study publishing and communication studies at the local university. I am currently working as a marketing intern at Vangardist Magazine, an international fashion and lifestyle magazine. Putting outfits together, which enables me to always try something new and experiment with my style was always a topic of heart. Since I also enjoy photography, I spend a lot of my time making photos of my outfits, architecture and other everyday things that I admire to be surrounded with. I love to share my recordings on social media, which gives me the possibility to receive feedback, communicate with other artists or people with similar interests. Since my taste is ever changing, so is my content. Often I try to reinvent my style to see if it suits me and my aesthetic. So I am always striving to experiment and rearrange, while also staying true to my main principles.

For this blog and for everything I do, there is one rule and one rule only…