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What was supposed to be a simple visit at my parent’s turned out to be much much more. Last week I spent two days in Prague. Here’s all about my little journey!

For this year, I thought I’d turn things around. I was not going to spend Valentine’s Day alone! “No more!” I thought and so I packed my stuff and headed right for the place I spent most of my life: My parent’s house in my little home village. (Actually Ia just got there to spend time with the cats, but spending time with my parents was fine I guess).

After a few days of eating heavenly goods and drinking wine that I wouldn’t be able to afford I was making myself ready for heading back home into the city. That’s about when my dad told me, that he was going on a business trip to Prague and I could come with him if I wanted to. And who am I to decline such an appealing opportunity?


Fortunately I had already packed for the case, that I was stranded at my parent’s and wouldn’t be able to get fresh clothes in two weeks. So that was settled. Everything packed and all farewells accounted for, we headed off in the early afternoon for the land of cheap beer and… basically cheap everything. The Czech Republic.

8 Hours and a few coffee and toilet breaks later, we finally arrived in Prague.

Until this point I didn’t really know the whereabouts of this stay, but during the car ride, my dad filled me in on the details. Turns out, we’d be staying at the InterContinental directly next to the old town centre of Prague. (So you know, no biggie.)

There is nothing unlovable about some cheeky bold lines in your architecture.

A love with history

For me InterContinental always rings a bell. I connect a certain feeling, a certain memory with the brand. Ever since I dug into the buffet at the InterCon in Toronto, Canada, I was blown away (Like how do they flip the omelette without it falling apart? I am amazed by the simple things).

Soon after moving to Vienna when I found out that there was an iteration of the hotel here, I had to see and compare it to my primary experience with it. I wasn’t disappointed, on the contrary. And so I was looking forward to spending this short trip to one of my favourite cities in one of my favourite accommodations.

The first evening, the first beer and the first night

Right after checking in and storing our luggage in the hotel room, me and my dad went out to get some of that sweet sweet hops juice (Beer for normal people). After consuming several pints and bar snacks it was time to head back into the bed for our transition into the real word. More or less.

A coffee speaks thousand words.

Preparation is the root of all good. That’s why I got up just before 7 am and headed straight for the buffet. I am all about straight edge, but straight edge ends, where coffee begins. So as the waiters got more and more annoyed, I slurped down what was probably my third or fourth cup of coffee.

Coffee and omelette supply chain established, it was time to get back to important things (No, not beer! Get a grip). While looking out the window at the fully risen sun, I started up free travel blogs loaded with annoying ads while looking up stuff on Google Maps. I made a full plan for the whole day, I planned out everything, made a list with entry and location on a map. After looking up from my laptop at the gorgeous sky, I settled on visiting one and strolling through the city.

A journey is nothing more than making that first step into the unknown

Unknown is maybe the wrong term to use, but I thought it sounded and wise and cheesy enough. Truly, this was my third time visiting Prague and each time I come here, the city grows closer to my heart.

Fulfilled in my search of food and full of it as well, I set out to discover the city for myself, again. Well I was hindered a bit, because straight across the hotel there was a COS store and I just can’t resist those three little letters.

After a few minutes of browsing with a certain poor feeling, I headed for the inner part of the city. And I took some great shots on my way there!

Wandering around and taking photos takes energy. Energy that can only be replenished by one beverage

You guessed right. Coffee (No I don’t think you even guessed. It’s always me doing the work here). So, to quench my thirst, I sat down at this little establishment, called the Artisan Café & Bistrot.

It was at the junction in the old town and it really caught my eye. Not because of a minimal aesthetic (Like normally), no, it was emitting a kind of down to earth attitude. And the longer I stayed, the more it turned out to be true.

The coffee was amazing and so was the cake. And anyone who knows me, knows that I love me some good cake. It is also one of my biggest nutritional issues, but let’s not spoil this little vacation, huh?


After paying my ridiculously cheap coffee and some awkward chat with the waitress, I headed back to indulge myself in the landscape of the city.

But since all you want to see is pictures anyway, here you go!

After strolling through the city for like 5 hours I visited the first real attraction: The KGB Museum. Obsessed with history and crazy Propaganda from the past, I indulged in the experienced, this museum was. It’s all fitted into what can only be the remains of an old convenience store. Stripped of everything and filled with Russian memorandum. I loved it. Great experience, you should really go there. The performance of the guide and owner of the place is worth the trip out of town.

The rest of the day was pretty chill. I went on strolling through various parts of town, remaining on a general path back to the hotel. Beer and food enjoyed I got back to my room and started editing pictures and watching some Netflix. It was a really laid back experience. I really hope, that this won’t be the last time visiting this city and writing this, I could go back already.

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