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#8 – FRUSTRATION AND INSPIRATION: About Finals Week and my Instagram Feed

No new Instagram content, no new photos, outfits and columns. Where have I been, what have I been up to?

Truly, this blog has seen more attention. Coming to that point, that content has been a scarcity. Some of you may wonder, if I just called it a day and quit all together. For all the sceptics out there, I must disappoint you. Even though my stamina is on a record low in a macroscopic perspective, it is still higher than the ones of my cats, who sleep 16 hours a day (Apparently).


To be honest, I was studying (more or less) and finally kickstarting my coffee addiction (definitely more than less). The first semester has flown by, much faster than expected. And it was a blast. Admittedly it was more about the experience and less about actually learning stuff. I mean, who goes to University to actually learn something and acquire useful skills for your future professional life? I certainly do not.


Apart from the annoying tasks I had to do every once in a while, my first semester basically consisted of making friends, discovering cafés and drinking various types of alcoholic beverages. Especially for the last activity, the winter and even better, the Christmas season is a perfect time. Glühwein-Standl on every of Vienna’s many corners, what a wonderful time of year it was.


Let’s not derive into nostalgia, for this blog is always about the future, no matter how dreadful it may come towards us. 

So I have been studying (good one), but that can not be all, right? No, in fact its is not everything. I have finally settled in in Vienna, established a minor palette of fixated and trusting friendships and looked after my sustainability by acquiring a part time job as a waiter in a small café. Earning money and drinking cooked beans, a truly wonderful combination.


What about art? Have you completely dumbed down and become dull? 

I wouldn’t say that. Definitely my production of artsy content has more or less come to a halt, but I still didn’t close my eyes on the artistic world. One, I have cleansed my Instagram. Unfollowing uninteresting accounts and focusing on styles that are comparable to mine and inspiring to me. On the other, I have been experimenting more and more on small, silly photoshop projects.


Cleansing and reinventing. Creating and inspiring.

Dissatisfied with my Instagram feed I took a step back and tried to find a way back to creative sanity. I did this by choosing a different kind of style and continuity. I made a threefold banner, simply featuring the phrase “reinvented” to set my old feed apart from future things to come.

To be honest, yes I am aware, that this is a bit cheesy. Sometimes, heartfelt cheesiness is al that you need to advance.

After that I tinkered for a few weeks with photoshop, I have found a way to reinvent myself. I tried an even more minimalistic approach to instagram, by releasing three pictures at a time, featuring white backgrounds. My old pictures seemed to be overflowing and by restricting myself to a certain kind of background I set myself a challenge.


Here is the first result, gaze upon it… Or just look at it, I am not your master.

So that’s basically what I have been doing the last few weeks. But now a new era has started. An era of… mediocre productivity. If you don’t want to miss what that new era will bring, be sure to follow me on Facebook or Instagram.


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