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English was always one of my favourite languages. Ever since the beginning of high school I loved the idea of simplicity and easy acquirability to be able to focus on the flow. The flow of the English language is so easy to acquire and though there are so many layers on which you can use it. You can speak in a very limited, but clear, almost childish way, expressing in pure simplicity. On the other hand you can transform a simple statement into a page filling essay.

So much for praising the English language, now back to my original native language, which is actually german. If you didn’t catch it by now, here it is black on white: Yes I am not a native English speaker and will never claim to be. I chose to write and express myself in English to be able to reach beyond the borders of the German speaking world. For that purpose it surely was the right decision, but every decision comes with consequences, good AND bad.

And so while freeing myself from the shackles of appealing to the german speaking world I allowed language to enslave me again. Even though English is such a nice language, there is only so much one can say, if not writing in his native tongue. I often play with words, simply when talking to friends or colleagues and basically in everything that I write. Since I have to do most of that in German, it can get kind of difficult to express myself just as freely in English.

I do not want to complain. I have made this thought-through decision and I am going to deal with it. I do not regret this decision. I am just telling you, the humble reader of this here blog, how I feel about this decision.

In the end, it is as much about the writer and creator as about the reader and recipient of this here blog.


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