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Are we living in an age, where the message of something has surpassed the object conveying it in importance? Sometimes people talk furiously about white canvas in art museums or the simplest of sculptures, made from scratch or seemingly or literally trash. Are they right to see „modern art“ in such a harsh light? Why is it, that some people can’t find any solace in any of the newest artwork and are forever bound to admire classical paintings?

For me, focusing on a single branch of art is narrow-minded, no matter which branch. If one is able to only find beauty in modern works of art and their oh-so-well-thought-out aesthetic, it is just as thoughtless as solely admiring classical pieces of art. Understanding art is about understanding its flexibility, understanding its flow of expression, able to communicate in numerous ways. One who truly understands art may find certain characteristics and aesthetics in artworks across the whole spectrum.

Art is not about claiming what you like and what you don’t. It is about understanding the various forms of expression and why they were chosen. In my opinion, some works of modern art have led us to believe that every piece can reach an unimaginable value, both materialistic and idealistic. You may think that personal value is as important as any other, but that is far from the truth.

Art can be objective, even when when looking at a subjective point of view, which we are all forced to do anyway. It is about establishing an empathic connection with the work as well as the artist to fully understand it. Nevertheless connections will make you stutter in awe while others will make you shake your head in confusional anger. Although just because one’s personal connection did not bring the desired effect, it does not reduce the artwork’s value. Still, in my view, an artists’s intentions can be as honourable as getting rid of world hunger, it still isn’t worth anything if he fails to convey this message without explaining his artwork.

To me, artworks have to be self-explanatory to a certain extent. Why explain the beauty of an artwork if it does not exist to anyone else but yourself? It would be much easier to just talk or write about it literally so one does not fail to present it abstractly, causing a whole lot of confusion.

In the end, every aspiring artist should reconsider if his chosen method conveys his core message. As long as he has one of course, but that is a discussion for another time.



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